CS Financial Assessment

Reduce Defaults - Mitigate Risks - Save Money

ConstructSecure’s Financial Assessment program significantly reduces the risk of default. The program reads financial statements in seconds and analyzes a contractor’s financial history to produce meaningful information. The results are customized to our client's risk tolerances to ensure that all tiers of contractors meet your selection criteria.

The Assessment

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How We Do It

  • A contractor financial statement is uploaded into the CS system.
  • The statement is read by the application, and the financial data is extracted.
  • ConstructSecure verifies financial data.

Meaningful Results

  • Provides values of many different key financial ratios.
  • Financial Statement type: Reviewed, Audited or Compiled.
  • Working Capital, Single Project Limit, Financial Health.

Financial Analysis

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Customizable Values

  • Select metrics that meet your companies risk tolerance.
  • Create customized scorecards.
  • Implement your own approval process.
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