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ConstructSecure was created by Certified Safety Professionals and developed at Harvard University. ConstructSecure provides SaaS for safety & financial vendor prequalification; field, facility, and equipment inspection; as well as incident reporting and tracking for comprehensive risk management.

Company Founding

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ConstructSecure began as a program initiated by the Environmental Health and Safety Department at Harvard University. One of the missions of EH&S was to identify the most effective ways to reduce the cost of accidents, incidents and project delays. After careful research and analysis of industry best practices, the Environmental Health and Safety Department found that certain parameters were more effective than the commonly used Experience Modification Rating in predicting the safety performance of contractors. While EMR is included in the evaluation, the program also looks at all historical incident data, OSHA citations and most importantly, safety management systems in use by a subcontractor. Harvard has demonstrated the substantial positive effect of the program on costs and delays and has sought to patent the technology and methodology of the process. Because of the success and potential benefit to the industry as a whole, the University made the service commercially available. ConstructSecure has obtained an exclusive license to the Intellectual Property rights and has commercialized the service.

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Today, ConstructSecure provides an online software as a service capability for financial and safety pre-qualification in the non-residential area of the construction industry. The program uses patent-pending technology to verify the accuracy of documentation, allowing for a non-biased review of a safety program. The goal of the service is to provide critical information to general contractors and owners for their use in the selection of subcontractors and to provide subcontractors with the ability to do one rigorous pre-qualification and use that information for multiple bids thereby saving considerable time and effort in the pre-qual process. We also seek to improve overall safety performance by providing guidance and feed-back to the subcontractors on the effectiveness of their programs and the areas for potential improvement. Currently, ConstructSecure has many national and large regional owners and general contractors using the program for pre-qualification.

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ConstructSecure is made up of these core members below. In addition to these members, ConstructSecure consists of an expansive technology and quality control team.

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