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ConstructSecure’s assessment products are utilized by the global leaders in technology, the top Universities in the world, top 10 ENR Construction Managers, and the largest commercial developers in the United States. ConstructSecure provides these high profile clients with unprecedented assessment results with loss reductions of up to a factor of 10.

ConstructSecure has helped both of our OCIP projects become the two best performers for The Hartford Insurance Company.-Ed Hall: The Risk Authority – Stanford University
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Our Products

  • The traditional contractor selection process of using solely a company's EMR simply doesn't work. Having a solid understanding of how a company is likely to perform allows projects to run both more efficiently and more profitably.

  • Subcontractor financial default is a significant risk to construction projects. CS Finance is designed to provide better insight then the traditional insurance provider “Sub-Guard” programs.

  • CS Inspect is a web and mobile-based inspection application developed by Certified Safety Professionals. Initially developed for the construction industry CS-Inspect has since been tailored to the health care environment and can be easily customized for any industry.

  • With CS Tracker you can create bid lists, compare the safety performance and financial posture of bidding subcontractors, and track and analyze incident data. Using this data to make the most informed decision at contract award gives your project the best chance to succeed.

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ConstructSecure Value

Owners and General Contractors

  • Automate the objective contractor prequalification process to allow more time for qualitative analysis.
  • Create transparency in a subcontractor’s financial and safety record.
  • Reduce administrative burden.
  • Select subcontractors for projects with confidence and ease.
  • Protect yourself from subcontractor default.
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  • One prequalification for all bids.
  • Simplify your administrative requirements.
  • Outsource your IT management and support.
  • Grow your business through our network.
  • Improve your financial position.
  • Reduce insurance costs with the CS Certificate.
  • Elevate your safety performance.
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Latest News

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CSI change

Trade selctions for subcontractors have changed form NAICS to CSI Format...

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2016 incident data

Subcontractors and Vendor" 2016 OSHA 300 data needs to be entered into your CS Safety Profile ASAP!

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Inspection news

Bond Brothers and Lee Kennedy are now using CS Inspect!!!

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